Cool-Girl Chef Angela Dimayuga Opens a Gay Bar at The Standard

“I'm just standing in an alleyway right now,” says Dimayuga, laughing, over a crackling call from Mexico City. She’s on a last-minute research excursion with the Spanish chef Peter Sanchez-Iglesias — his Bristol restaurants Casamia and Paco Tapas have earned Michelin stars — whom she brought on to launch a rooftop restaurant at The Standard’s King’s Cross outpost in London. The pair is on an intimate tour guided by local mezcal expert Niki Nakazawa, the similarly fanciful foodie with an art and publishing background who cofounded Neta, a mezcal brand dedicated to supporting small producers. “The restaurant is going to be Spanish, but also inspired by Mexican cuisine,” she explains. “In my last few years at Mission Chinese, I was really interested in working collaboratively with a lot of different types of creatives: scientists, activists, farmers. Once I left, I just continued to do a lot of weird projects.”